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March 17, 2022


March 16, 2022


Meet Eric.

I am passionate about helping people use real estate to gain lifestyle independence. I started Fulton Realty with a desire to invest into people and properties. Growing up, I always wanted to be involved in real estate.

What Others Are Saying

Jason Pantana

Serial Entrepreneur

You know how a surgeon's hand is supposed to be steady all the time, no matter what. When it comes to real estate investing, that's Eric Eickhof. He doesn’t let emotions play in one bit. He’s tactical, ethical, and savvy beyond measure. His advice is sound and, if you ask me, to be followed.

Mark Santi


I am very fortunate to have met Eric and his team. For over five years they have assisted me in the purchase and sale of numerous single-family and multi-family properties. Eric is smart, practical, and undoubtedly a great person. He has deep knowledge of the market. He understands what it takes to renovate a property, if necessary. He possesses exceptional skills and knowledge relating to real estate investment. I have observed that Eric sees the value in creating genuine and close connections with others. As a result, he has built a valuable network that can be shared with his clients. In addition to the foregoing, Eric regularly gives back to our community. The educational series generously organized and hosted by Eric and his team are extremely valuable to new, and seasoned, real estate investors. If you can become a part of Eric's team, in any way, you will consider yourself to be lucky.

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