March 4


Real Estate Investing vs. Inflation in Today’s Market

Why am I doubling down on this real estate market right now? Because I see the trends of what’s going on in the areas that I’m investing in. 

I also can see the population booming in the markets that I’m buying right now. That means that rents are going to continue to go up and values are going to continue to rise. 

Right now, I see it as a land grab. I think that you are going to buy property today and in two or three years you’re going to look back and think “Wow, that was an incredible deal.” It may not feel like a deal today, but if you take a look at the deals you bought three, maybe four years ago, I bet that you’re feeling pretty happy about those purchases. 

And I think that trend is going to continue in a lot of markets in the country, based on where inflation is going and based on how fast some of these sub-markets are growing right now. 

Real estate investing is inflation proof. 

Take a look at the last 100 years, look at inflation and look at real estate values. Generally, real estate is outpacing inflation. 

So, if you believe we’re going into a time where the government is printing a lot of money, and you’re wondering “what’s a good way to protect my wealth?” Maybe it’s a good time to look towards real estate.


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