March 11


Selling Properties to Scale Your Portfolio

I didn’t really start building my portfolio fast until I changed my perspective about selling my properties and appreciation. 

I started thinking about my properties as a game of chess. Sometimes I need to kill one in order to advance the mission of the chess board. 

Think about appreciation, think about selling your properties. You may be able to scale much faster.

It was the first duplex that I sold that turned into a 24 unit apartment building that really inspired me to move things much faster in this game of real estate. 

I talk to people all the time that say, “I never want to sell my properties, I want to buy them on 30 year mortgages and I’m going to own these things until I retire.” I used to think that way too. 

Until I realized the quickest way to buy more properties and to build a portfolio is to be willing to sell some of yours.

My encouragement is to look at your properties as “what one has the most equity, and how can I leverage that to double down and buy a couple more?” 

That is the way that you’re going to grow a portfolio much more quickly than just holding on to those properties forever. 


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