March 4


Selling Your House in a Spring Market

Are you wondering if now is a good time to sell your home, or if we’ve reached a point of prices that we haven’t seen before in this real estate market? 

Well yes, it is, and yes, we are at a peak. If you’re wondering if the market has a potential to keep going up, it really does! 

It’s definitely a great time to sell your home because prices are at a high, but the market is going to continue to go up. 

If it makes sense for you to sell because you need to buy something else, then you should sell it. But are we at the peak of a market? I don’t think so. 

That being said, if you fall in the former category of needing to sell your home now, here are some tips for selling your home in a spring market. 

We are in such a competitive market, you could do nothing to your home, and you could get it sold. And you could get it sold for a price that you couldn’t have sold it for a couple of years ago.

So that sounds like a record sale price, right? But if you really want to maximize the value of your home, you need to go through and do those little things that make a big difference. 

Some of the things such as decluttering, touching up the paint, maybe updating appliances, counters, or other cosmetic updates. 

Why? Because those are the things that can have a 4x return. 

So sure, you can set a record, you could sell your home as is and you could do just fine. But why be ‘just fine’ when you could be absolutely great and set a new record price not just for your home, but for the whole neighborhood.


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